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Hand made jewelry workshop 

Dreams of Norway consists of designer duo Nina Einarsen and Iselin Strømsvåg. Together they create unique jewelry in materials such as silver, steel, copper and rough stones such as pyrite and quartz crystals. All pieces are hand made in Norway.

 Jewelry design sketches Jewelry-making workshop hand made silver

Dreams of Norway balance their design between the rough and the fine, the masculine and the feminine, the soft and hard, inspired by the contrast filled and varied Norwegian nature.


"We are first and foremost inspired by the norwegian nature, which is full of contrast- the woods, the mountais, the fjords, the beaches, and the fields. It is wild, and calming at the same time, an endless source of inspiration, and always a little bit mysterious... Often we create a collection in a special environment, like in a cabin in the mountains, or by the sea in south of Norway. Or we may travel in other parts of the world, but we always have the norwegian backdrop "with us". We are very influenced by the environment that we are working in at that moment.
Also, we inspire each other a great deal. We are two very different individuals, but at the same time we have so much in common, and consider ourselves *sisters of the soul*. This way we have a very dynamic design-process, where we go back an forth until we reach the best of both of our worlds."

Iselin Strømsvåg

Iselin was born in Kristiansand, Norway in 1981. She studied social anthropology in Throndheim, where she and Nina met, and later moved to Oslo to study clothing design at ESMOD. Designer, customer-, and press-contact at Dreams of Norway.
email me: iselin@dreamsofnorway.com

Nina Einarsen

Nina was born in Melhus, Norway in 1968. She's studied interior design, and has been working within product design, and visual arts, among other things Nina is a trained art therapist. Designer at Dreams of Norway.
email me: nina@dreamsofnorway.com

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